The First 3 Things To Do On LinkedIn
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The top 3 things you need to do to have an upleveled LinkedUp profile that will get you more leads, clients, and help your business soar!
With Karen Yankovich

Karen Yankovich, an internationally acclaimed LinkedIn Evangelist and Social Media Strategist, helps diverse entrepreneurs and businesses use LinkedIn and other social spaces profitably. Sheh's helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals establish a strong, profitable personal brand on LinkedIn resulting in massive business growth.
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Learn a few simple tweaks to a professional LinkedIn profile, and start confidently accepting those LinkedIn connections requests (LEADS!). 
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Cathy Sykora
"Karen helped me set up my Linked In Profile. Her expertise and patience made the slow tedious and confusing process easy. My profile immediately got more notice and it finally looks like someone "lives" there. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to learn how to take full advantage of any social media platform and especially LinkedIn."
Marsha Shandur
"Karen has amazing social media insight. Using LinkedIn to leverage your profile is at the core of business success which many people seem to overlook at their peril. Karen has the ability to make it all seem so easy and it all makes sense to me now. I have a clear insight into how I can reach more customers and raise awareness for my business and the Autism charity that I work for. I highly recommend Karen to guide to you to success. "
Allegra Stein
Optimize Your Ecommerce Site
"Working with Karen to develop my LinkedIn profile was so eye-opening and refreshing. Not only is she incredibly kind, she knows her business and what she's talking about. I definitely owe her credit for helping build my social media confidence."